Brands_logo_380x312_pfBBQ: No sweat…All you need is Sizzle!

In 2010, we created the BBQ brand Sizzle and Plus Fire by Sizzle.

Stylish, ergonomic coal barbeques, quality utensils and practical roasting accessories, durable grills, as well as portable, original solutions that allow you to enjoy BBQ in your garden, terrace, at the camp site, and in all your outdoors excursions.

All SIZZLE products have been created so as to cater to the griller’s every need and make his life more comfortable. They are designed with an eye for simplicity, practicality and ease of use, even for those not fully initiated into the art of the BBQ.

Furthermore, their high quality manufacturing offers guaranteed durability and long life, so that you can enjoy them for many barbeques to come.