Our vision

A good time break, no matter how long it lasts, can bring zest to life. These precious moments allow our soul to return to its good place, and put us back on a creative course; these are the moments we have in mind when we create or select a product.

Our philosophy

Innovation, a continuous quest for knowledge and honest interpersonal relationships: these are the goals our management team works towards, and the guarantees it provides while pursuing their day-to-day managerial duties. This combination yields superior results, both in the internal operation of the company, as well as in our dealings with others through the products we design or select to function as cornerstones for our personal and corporate development.

Our mission

Resoul’s goal is to create, select, and offer products and services that support a goodtime break at home or in the workplace, in the city as well as at the countryside, at the beach or on the mountain.

Resoul’s way, Resoul’s system

dimIn the past three decades Resoul has become stronger, securely relying on the experience and knowledge it has accumulated as a system and builds upon its track record with maturity, so as to keep moving forward, always getting closer to its goal: creating and offering good time breaks to help people feel joyful, revitalized, and happy.

We draw inspiration from our solar system, as reflected on our new logo: each planet is different and unique, yet as a whole, they harmoniously rotate around the Sun. We always bear in mind our own system, the Resoul System: at its center lies our own sun – the values that we always keep in our hearts and minds to guide us in our decisions, creations, and business moves.

Anthimos Dimitriadis