Our vision

A good time break, no matter how long it lasts, can bring zest to life. These precious moments allow our soul to return to its good place, and put us back on a creative course; these are the moments we have in mind when we create or select a product.

Our philosophy

Innovation, a continuous quest for knowledge and honest interpersonal relationships: these are the goals our management team works towards, and the guarantees it provides, while pursuing their day-to-day managerial duties. This combination yields superior results, both in the internal operation of the company, as well as in our dealings with others through the products we design or select to function as cornerstones for our personal and corporate development.

Our mission

Resoul’s goal is to create, select, and offer products and services that support a goodtime break at home or in the workplace, in the city as well as at the countryside, at the beach or on the mountain.

Resoul’s way, Resoul’s system

dimIn the past quarter of a century Resoul has become stronger, securely relying on the experience and knowledge it has accumulated as a system and builds upon its track record with maturity, so as to keep moving forward, always getting closer to its goal: creating and offering good time breaks to help people feel joyful, revitalized, and happy.

We draw inspiration from our solar system, as reflected on our new logo: each planet is different and unique, yet as a whole they harmoniously rotate around the Sun. We always bear in mind our own system, the Resoul System: at its center lies our own sun – the values that we always keep in our hearts and minds to guide us in our decisions, creations, and business moves.

Anthimos Dimitriadis

Our goal:

Enrich and broaden the range of products created either by us alone or in cooperation with our partners.
Expand our activities to new geographic markets and extend our distribution channels.

Relying on our business experience (knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit) and a people-centered system, our mission is to create new product and services categories (Good Time Equipment & Services) being focused on designing, creating/co-creating and selecting, as well as controlling the distribution of, innovative products & equipment and ground-breaking services.

To support ‘Good time breaks’: ‘having fun at home’ and ‘outdoors recreation’

Each new distinct category features its own separate network and points of sale for each type of break (home & work, outdoors).
These categories guide our steps, organize and contribute to viable growth and enhance/preserve RESOUL’s profitability.

Our History

The three phases of Resoul

Resoul‘s first phase began in 1989 when the brand Terra® was created, which offered tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks specially designed for Greece’s climate and terrain.

In the 1990s we secured dealerships for very important brands allowing Resoul to develop a comprehensive portfolio that makes it a leader in the outdoor activities market; this culminated in the launch of our partnership with Campingaz in 2001.

In 2003 the company entered its second phase, when together with Campingaz we created and launched the El Greco™ gas stove, one of our huge success stories counted among Resoul’s causes for pride.Four years later, in 2007, came another innovative product: the brand Theophilos with its namesake coffee stove Theophilos™, a gas stove specifically designed for preparing Greek coffee; it was designed and launched by DIMKA Ltd, produced by Campingaz and was enthusiastically received by Greek consumers.

In 2008 Resoul expanded further with more brands.In 2010 the brands Sizzle® and PlusFire® were created: they offer Greeks barbeque accessories and charcoal grills, as well as tinder and combustible material – everything they need for their favorite outdoors BBQ.

This second phase continued into 2011; the brand Theophilos™ launched the TheophilosHovoli™ (the hovoli is a device used traditionally for the preparation of Greek coffee) offering Greek coffee aficionados the opportunity to make the process of preparing their coffee even more enjoyable, while they become connected with the rich tradition behind this type of coffee.During the same year, Resoul launched the El Greco™ micro Stove, which in a time of financial difficulties offered consumers a more affordable, excellent alternative gas device that retained the superior quality and other technical characteristics of the El Greco™ Stove and was accompanied by Campingaz’s guarantee.

The company’s third phase commenced in 2013 with an upgraded presence in foreign markets (Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus) through the brands El Greco, Theophilos, Sizzle και Plusfire. Resoul‘s accumulated knowledge and expertise on what makes a good break was utilized to launch the brand Terra Nation; Resoul represents this brand in Greece, where its creative department is also based.