Brands_logo_380x312_elGrecoOne step ahead!

The El Greko® Stove was created in 2003 and really shook up things in a market segment that until then remained stagnant and limited.In just a matter of years it caused the market to double, placing the ‘micro stove’ firmly in our lives and on our kitchen worktop.

The El Greko® Stove, with its innovative Easy Clic™ Plus system that allows it to be disconnected and reconnected to the cartridge in just 2 quick and easy moves, and special safety valve to connect or change cartridge even when the cartridge is not empty, moved the category ‘one step ahead’.

Its technological edge, the superior manufacturing quality of its products, and its modern style are among the main reasons El Greko® stoves and cartridges have topped the Greek market, becoming leaders in the category of standalone appliances and gas cartridges.