A View to the Future

Our goal at Resoul is to enrich and broaden the range of products created either by us alone or in cooperation with our partners, and to explore new fields of activity and new markets, both in terms of geography and products.

We are always looking forward to new partnerships, new ideas, and new business opportunities.

Our dual business orientation

Because we know how to anticipate and cater to the market’s basic needs, as well as how to move forward, our activities are structured on two directions:

creating/ co-creating our own brands; and
properly representing imported brands.

We are proud of our systematic thinking, our close study of consumers’ needs, our experience and knowledge of what constitutes a good time break; we are also proud of the products created by us alone or in cooperation with others, such as the brands El Greco and Terra Nation, as well as of our partnerships with other companies that inspire us to forge ahead.

Creations & Co-creations

El Greco

One step ahead!
The El Greco™ Stove was created in 2003 and really shook up things in a market segment that until then remained stagnant and limited.In just a matter of years it caused the market to double, placing the ‘micro stove’ firmly in our lives and on our kitchen worktop.

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Reviving tradition!

The Theophilos™ Coffee Stove was launched in the Greek market in 2007, following 3 years of research & development.

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We believe in happy people!

In 2014 we began representing the brand TerraNation™ with its innovative series of high-performance, reliable beach gear.

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BBQ: No sweat…All you need is Sizzle!

In 2010, we created the BBQ brand Sizzle and Plus Fire by Sizzle.

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Camping Plus

The Plus of Camping

• For over 10 years we have been creating value-for-money camping gear, with respect for campers and the outdoors.

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Enjoy Outdoor Living

Since 2001, we are representing the brand Campingaz®, a worldwide leader in camping and outdoor activities equipment.

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7 Heaven

In Seventh Heaven

Since 2008 we have undertaken research and development for the brand 7 Heaven, the Greek response to global high-performance tent, rucksack, and mat manufacturers.

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More than 50 years, serving Nature.

We have been representing Fjall Raven since 2008: this brand offers tough and functional clothing and equipment with timeless style for outdoor excursions.

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For Life.

In 2008 we started representing the brand Marmot®, a globally celebrated brand that offers a huge collection of clothing and gear for outdoor activities.

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Flat is boring

In 2008 we started representing the brand Buff® with its Νο1 in the world multi-purpose, versatile headwear.

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Lowe Alpine

Creating new solutions to old problems

Since 2008, we are representing Lowe Alpine™, a world leader in outdoor gear and clothing.

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The original, since 1948. We take Fun seriously!

In 2001 we started representing a world leader in water inflatables, such as canoes, kayaks, lake mattresses, and towables: the brand Sevylor®.

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We share your passion!

Since 2001 we have been representing Coleman®, the world’s largest camping and outdoor activities equipment brand.


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Access the inaccessible

Since 2008 we are representing the brand Petzl®. This brand produces gear designed to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress in all sorts of challenging environments.

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In 2008 we became representatives of Asolo™, a brand producing quality footwear for outdoor activities at any height:from walking to hiking and backpacking, or the most unexpected climb, no matter the terrain and weather conditions.

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