We believe in happy people.

We believe that behind numbers and figures there are always people; therefore, behind good numbers there are good people!

Social Responsibility

Resoul_icon_smWe support:

athletes connected with to our field of activities (such as Lefteris Paraskevas and Dimitris Theodorakakos) in specific sports categories and events, such as: Triathlon, Trail Race, Mountaineering/Climbing, Olympus Marathon, Zagori Race a.o.

sports clubs and teams, like Ionikos and Dafni, and 4X4 Offroad racing teams.

Resoul_icon_smWe also support:

 The NGO action aid by adopting 5 children; we are proud to see them growing up and thriving.

 The Social Grocery of the Municipality of Athens that offers staple foods to vulnerable social groups.

 The Make-a-Wish Foundation that grants ‘wishes’ to children suffering from chronic conditions or incurable diseases.

 Various charitable events (the Municipality of Athens Bazaar, a.o) in support of animal welfare groups.

 The University of Macedonia through our scholarship program “Leadership skills for school children: Children of today – tomorrow’s leaders.”

 The Scouts of Greece (SHP).

 ELEPAP and its Magnathlon triathlon event.

 Rescue Group, and the ‘Agioi Anargyroi’ association for Parents of Specially Skilled Children.

Who are the Resoulistas?

Our people

The average age of our 60+ employees in our 9 departments is 40 years.

More than half of them are working in the commercial, the marketing, and sales departments.

50% are university degree holders

20% are holders of a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree

Roughly 60% of our employees were hired over the last 8 years, while the vast majority of our company’s human resources have working experience in multinational companies.

Continuous learning and training processes

Our employees attend learning & training courses, as well as programs that build up team spirit and promote creative personal and corporate development, in cooperation with specialized advisors such as IDEO, Our World Group, IDEALOGY, as well as universities in Greece and abroad.