Our vision

A good time break, no matter how long it lasts, can bring zest to life. These precious moments allow our soul to return to its good place, and put us back on a creative course; these are the moments we have in mind when we create or select a product.

Our philosophy

Innovation, a continuous quest for knowledge and honest interpersonal relationships: these are the goals our management team works towards, and the guarantees it provides, while pursuing their day-to-day managerial duties. This combination yields superior results, both in the internal operation of the company, as well as in our dealings with others through the products we design or select to function as cornerstones for our personal and corporate development.

Our mission

Resoul’s goal is to create, select, and offer products and services that support a goodtime break at home or in the workplace, in the city as well as at the countryside, at the beach or on the mountain.

Our goal:

Enrich and broaden the range of products created either by us alone or in cooperation with our partners.
Expand its activities to new geographic markets and extend its distribution channels

Relying on our business experience (knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit) and a people-centered system, our mission is to create new product and services categories (Good Time Equipment & Services) being focused on designing, creating/co-creating and selecting, as well as controlling the distribution of, innovative products & equipment and ground-breaking services.

To support ‘Good time breaks’: ‘having fun at home’ and ‘outdoors recreation’

Each new distinct category features its own separate network and points of sale for each type of break (home & work, outdoors).
These categories guide our steps, organize and contribute to viable growth and enhance/preserve RESOUL’s profitability.