Creations & Co-creations

Poliestia El Greko®.

Stove of creation.
Having incorporated the top quality, high aesthetics and advanced technology that distinguish El Greko products, Poliestia El Gkreko® came to offer many solutions to our culinary needs thanks to the multi-purpose usage that it has, and in combination with the easiness, certainty, practicality and speed it provides.

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El Greko

One step ahead!
The El Greko® Stove was created in 2003 and really shook up things in a market segment that until then remained stagnant and limited.In just a matter of years it caused the market to double, placing the ‘micro stove’ firmly in our lives and on our kitchen countertops.

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Reviving tradition!

The Theophilos™ Coffee Stove was launched in the Greek market in 2007, following 3 years of research & development.

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We believe in happy people!

In 2014 we began representing the brand TerraNation™ with its innovative series of high-performance, reliable beach gear.

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BBQ: No sweat…All you need is Sizzle!

In 2010, we created the BBQ brand Sizzle and Plus Fire by Sizzle.

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Camping Plus

The Plus of Camping

• For over 10 years we have been creating value-for-money camping gear, with respect for campers and the outdoors.

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Enjoy Outdoor Living

Since 2001, we are representing the brand Campingaz®, a worldwide leader in camping and outdoor activities equipment.

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7 Heaven

In Seventh Heaven

Since 2008 we have undertaken research and development for the brand 7 Heaven, the Greek response to global high-performance tent, rucksack, and mat manufacturers.

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